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We're proud to have received excellent reviews from our clients! Scroll on to read what they said. Their experiences might help you decide exactly how you'd like us to help bring order + beauty to YOUR life!

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sara: 0413 744 346

Sara took on the mammoth task of getting some organisation into our lives. Not only did she do an incredible job of reorganising and rearranging spaces in our small home - from entire rooms right down to the atrocious junk drawer in our kitchen - she helped us to declutter, leaving us with additional storage space and living areas that flowed intuitively.

Sara’s attention to detail and energy is where the real magic happens. We couldn’t be more grateful to have had her help in getting some order into our chaotic home.

I would recommend Vamp to anyone looking to whip their home into shape - there’s no job too big or small!

Lou McGown

Sara recreated my out door patio garden with such flair and fun. She used all my existing plants and did something magical with new pots as well as rearranging the space into a gorgeous and relaxing spot.

She is so creative and such a bright, lovely person, it was delightful to spend a day in her company.

Thank you Sara for vamping my garden, I love it :)

Nerine Mills

I decided to call Jane and Sara in to do an early Spring clean. It was such a good decision! The girls were amazing. They came over a couple of days giving it the best clean my house has ever had! Decluttering as they went and getting deep into the cupboards and cleaning til they looked new. I would never have had the time to get done what they did in the hours they spent. Do yourself a favour and get your home Vamped!

Jane Duffield

Great service, the girls are very organised and efficient, would recommend them definitely. 90% of household items were sold or given away to charities reducing landfill, and on top I made enough cash to pay for settlement. Great job girls, you where a life saver!

Steve Meyer

Vamp Your Home team is an absolute life saver! I can't recommend them high enough. They are extremely reliable and keen to go an extra mile. We are renting our home on Airbnb ever since we moved to Sydney. It has been extremely difficult finding a trustworthy and reliable team to help us prepare the house for new guests. We had some tough experiences. Ever since Jane took over, I was finally able to relax knowing that our house will be ready for our new guests, and I won't be dealing with complaints trying to get cleaning sorted on ad hoc basis and remotely. If you are like us and have an Airbnb in Perth and are looking for a cleaning crew, look no further.

Natalia & Alex

Vamp have not only bought order to our chaotic world, they bought style and beauty. Sara is an artist in every sense of the word and has such a creative flare. She worked with what we already had in our home did wonders beyond what I could even conceive. I’d recommend time and time again. Thanks Vamp

Michael Jelly

I work away and engaged Vamp to prepare and manage my property for short term rental. They did a wonderful job of presenting the property, brightening it up and taking the photos! Now they manage the bookings, organise the cleaning and laundry, and liaise with the guests in a most welcoming way. I thoroughly recommend their work.

Tom Gooch

What a pleasure Vamp made of our party prep! With a handful of flowers, a basket of fruit and our own household items, Vamp re-vamped our entertaining areas into a welcoming and beautiful ambience that had our guests WOWed. They brought out the best in the space, made it flow well for the evening, and took all the stress out of the last minute preparations. I have no hesitation in recommending their work.

Josephine Clarke

Very nice people...helped us with our recent move.

Not only were we very impressed with their work but also with their very efficient way of getting things done. We arrived at our new home with everything intact...not a single breakage!

Would recommend this business to anyone.

Alan Fellows

I can’t thank Jane and Sara enough for their amazing assistance in helping my Mum pack up her lifelong house ready for a big downsize move. Not only were they professional and tidy but their kind and friendly approach made the transition so much easier. Jane even collected all 60 boxes back up once the unpack was complete. I can’t recommend these ladies enough. Thank you.

Vanessa Ross Goyen

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