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revamp your home

Reorganise + revamp your home ready to sell or for your own joy!

Need to revamp your home? Maybe you're getting ready to sell, or you just need to totally refresh your home with a new look. 

we can help!

what we do

offer creative ways to revamp any space
make your home + patio picture perfect
offer advice on preparing to sell
we can also

Vamp is all about making your life easier. Revamping homes takes creative flair, and is something we love to do.

If you want to make your home more colourful or minimalist, fresher or comfier, we can make the most of what you have in creative ways. We might also suggest for small purchases that make a big difference.

We can revamp your courtyard or deck as well. If you're getting ready to sell, the entrance to your home needs to look gorgeous and inviting, so we will advise you on that.


The best way to start is an initial walk-through so that we can understand what you'd like us to do. Then we can give you an idea of how long it might take, checking in regularly to keep tabs on your budget.


get in touch

Get in touch with us to chat about what you need. We can give you an idea of cost and work to your budget. 

We are based in Fremantle and travel up to Mosman Park, across to Hilton and down to North Coogee ~ or further for an additional charge.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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