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pack up your home

Get packed and ready to move!

Moving house is exciting, but packing up your home is a mammoth task. It needs to be done with care to make sure your precious things aren't damaged in transit. 

we can help!

what we do

assess your packing needs
source packing boxes and materials
pack up your home and label boxes
remove unwanted items to discard or donate

Vamp is all about making your life easier.

Carefully packing up to move is a vital part of your transition to a new life. We will make sure your homewares, clothing, books and other belongings travel safely with you.

We have experience in packing up all sorts of items, including precious breakables. You set the timeline; we source suitable packing materials for you and get the job done.

We can also help you unpack and organise your new home if you wish.


get in touch

Get in touch with us to chat about what you need. We can give you an idea of cost and work to your budget. 

We are based in Fremantle and travel up to Mosman Park, across to Hilton and down to North Coogee ~ or further for an additional charge.

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