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declutter, reorganise, revamp

Declutter, reorganise + revamp any space, from shelves to sheds!

Are you clearing out the family home? or getting ready to move? or perhaps you just need to totally refresh your home for your own enjoyment! 

we can help!

what we do

remove or sell unwanted items
help you reorganise those piles of paperwork
make your space ordered + comfortable
make your home + patio picture perfect
pack up ready to move

Vamp is all about making your life easier. When you realise how much stuff you have accumulated over the years, clearing it out can seem overwhelming, especially when there are so many memories attached.

Starting with one room, such as the kitchen, or even one box of papers, is a smaller step that feels manageable, and energises you to do more.


We work alongside you to clear + reorganise your space. We are also able to bring creative, low-cost ideas for revamping your home ready to sell or simply for your own enjoyment. 

We understand the joy and peace that a well ordered, attractive space can bring. We've been there ourselves, and we'd love to help!


get in touch

Get in touch with us to chat about what you need. We can give you an idea of cost and work to your budget. 

We are based in Fremantle and travel up to Mosman Park, across to Hilton and down to North Coogee ~ or further for an additional charge.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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