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about us

sara clarke

Sara is an artist with lots of experience in creating beautiful spaces. She has a background in nursing, retail and admin, and has turned her home and garden into a haven of peace, comfort and order. She has three beautiful grown-up children, and elderly parents in retirement housing who rely on her for regular support. Sara absolutely loves reorganising and packing up homes!

jane hammond

Jane is a freelance arts event promoter who has used her marketing skills in education, aged care and travel. She downsized when her two gorgeous boys grew up and left the nest, as well as supporting her parents through difficult times before they passed away. She now looks after Vamp marketing and finances, assists Sara with packing up homes, and manages AirBnBs.

our approach

We take our own photos because we believe in being authentic. Your home life should feel easy and perfectly suited to you. This is why we take time to understand what you want, and then you can let us get on with the job, knowing we will approach it with care. 

our values


We created Vamp because we care about the surroundings we all live in. We take care with every detail, to ensure the result is right for you, and we are sympathetic to the challenges of downsizing and letting go.


We think creatively about everything we do, working out the best way to help you. Our aim is to make your life easier, whether you're moving or revamping your existing space.


Our ultimate objective is to bring you joy. Moving to a new home, or revamping your current space can make all the difference in creating an inspiring, calming and beautiful life.



My Approach
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